A letter from the Bishop of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica

September 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

Since the inception of the Methodist Church of Costa Rica in 1917, it has been our mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his love to everyone we encounter…And, throughout the decades, God has presented us with many opportunities to make disciples of Christ through the planting of churches, developing a Christian school, a university and a seminary…

I encourage you to support the Methodist orphanage of Costa Rica and its ministry through your prayers and financial gifts.  Please know that your investment in the life of these children will provide them with countless new opportunities:

  • Living in loving Christian home
  • Attending a Christian school
  • Participating in the life of a local church family

Seeing the Gospel lived out in such a way that desire to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support of this ministry!

In Christ’s love,

Dr. Luis F. Palomo


The Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica