The Methodist Children’s Home of Costa Rica

About the Children’s Home

Mission Statement ~ Believing we are called to take care of orphans, it is our desire to minister to the needs of those children who find themselves in need of love, protection and nurture.

The children’s home was established in 2006 and receives children who have been legally declared abandoned under guidelines of PANI (the government child welfare agency in Costa Rica). ¬†They are raised in a model Christian environment until such time they are either adopted or reach childhood.

Facilities are on seven acres on a rolling hillside just outside of San Jose, Costa Rica in the town of Coronado.

The children’s home is a ministry of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica and is supervised by the church and the home’s Board of Directors. The children who live at the Children’s Home are placed there by PANI and raised in a family environment.

Objectives of the children’s home ministry

  • Establish a permanent home with a Christian family environment to meet the children’s basic needs (physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, educationally and recreationally)
  • Establish a model of care founded on a Christian family spirit of peace, integrity, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity
  • Provide a loving Christian environment in a traditional home environment. Siblings live together, attend school, do age-appropriate chores and grow up in a home full of the love of Christ
  • Provide an excellent education at the Methodist school and the opportunity to become active members in the life of a local congregation
  • Prepare the children to be fully integrated into Costa Rican or another society